We Are A company specialized in providing technological solutions for tourism.

We Develop tailor-made technology projects for the travel industry, with a staff of qualified professionals in systems with wide knowledge of the business.

Backoffice Integral Pythagoras

Pythagoras allows the integral management of passengers, reserves, products, quotation, operation, administration and accounting of a travel and tourism company.

  • Configurable user Profiles.
  • Flow of services by default status.
  • Automatic Interface for Posnet information capture.
  • Interface with Sabre, Amadeus, TravelPort.
  • Business Intelligence Integration.
  • Comprehensive database management of customers and service providers.
  • TKT´s stock Administration (BSP)
  • Operating Reports of quotations, messages to operators, files by maturity, etc.
  • Billing Statistical Reports.
  • Management Reports.
  • Control of movements and cash balances.
  • Generation of files to operate and manage the reserves: tracking, issuance of receipts, generation of provision and payment to suppliers, billing, online vouchers.
  • Student Module.
  • Receptive Module.

Motor + APP Sales (Middle)

An Agile product designed to facilitate the integrated Sales process to the database of our Backoffice Pythagoras and the Sales Front (B2B/B2C).
The Web user will have available in a single screen all the information necessary for the decision making, compared prices of various products in addition to be able to make payments online.

  • Search for hotels, packages, aerials, cruises, transfers, excursions and assistance.
  • Quote and Book Online.
  • Integrated to the products of own operation + connection to other users of the system (Pyth/Pyth)
  • Pull – Push XML Integrations with tourism product vendors.
  • Rates with configurable business rules.
  • Online Content Management Tools.
  • Administration of Tariffs, Quotas and Allotment.
  • Unified Multi-Channel Booking management.
  • Extensive user profile settings.
  • Reconciliation BSP Link
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Online Receipt Generation
  • Integration of Payment Gateways

For 25 years developing in tourism

We have chosen customers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

For 25 years developing in tourism

We Provide technological solutions for the travel and tourism industry to improve the competitiveness of your company.

Our Pillars

We’Re a committed work team. Working with excellence on integrated solutions for business management, control and development. Work, Expertise, Quality and Creativity.

Continuous Improvement

Adding value in a constant way. Permanent Evolution of our solutions in a highly competitive market, constantly growing and changing.

Training and Training

We Plan educational activities to achieve maximum use of our solutions.

The goal is to collaborate with your work team in the transfer of knowledge to facilitate the use of the tools.

Multisegment Solutions

We Cover the needs of a varied activity:
• Retail Agency
• Consolidation
• Corporate
• Receptive
• Service Provider
• Student

Technological Innovation applied to tourism

From Pythagoras We can provide you with the best tools to improve the performance of your business.