About us


Solutions for the tourism industry

Pythagoras Software Solutions is a company specializing in the development of solutions for the global tourism industry. Its Founding partners have over 25 years of experience in the field, with cede in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pythagoras Software Solutions is a company with customers Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

We are Currently launching new solutions for a constantly evolving market.

Our Current suite of products includes: Back Office, Mid Office (Sales Engine) with Tariff Modules and Air Quotation, Hotel, Cars, transfers, Assistance, Cruises, Circuits, Packages, B2B/B2C Developments, Book (GDS Packages), Pyth Cloud (Cloud ERP), Integration of Payment Gateways, XML of Services.

Pythagoras Software Solutions  It has a specialized Service Team to assist our clients in their daily work.

Pythagoras Software Solutions has the most comprehensive suite of solutions in the tourist market.